My week ahead, in bullet points.

This week is, of course, Thanksgiving.  This year we are staying in Ohio and Joshua’s parents and sister will be joining us. To prepare for the big feasting day, I have made a list of  things I need to do. I figure a little each day to prevent a stressed out Wednesday or Thursday!


¤ put turkey in fridge to thaw

¤ find stuffing, cranberry, pumpkin soup recipes

¤ clean bedrooms

¤ wash sheets on our bed and spare bed

¤ vacuum upstairs

¤ clean/mop upstairs bathroom

¤ make Grandpa M’s birthday card

¤ work on C’s dress (time permitting)


¤ dust living room

¤ hem fabric for table cloth

¤ hem napkins

¤ wash both

¤ bake pumkin

¤ work on C’s dress (time permitting)

¤ chop celery/onions

¤ make bread for stuffing

¤ make pies (pumpkin and apple crisp pie)

¤ vacuum whole house

¤ work on C’s dress (time permitting)

¤ Mass (9 am)

¤ make stuffing

¤ stuff turkey

¤ make soup

¤ make rolls

¤ set table

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  1. Love the new design! Have fun with all the Thanksgiving festivities! I love to-do lists.

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