Updated Bullet Point List

I feel accomplished, slightly! Fortunately, when meal planning this month, I made today a meal out day, so I don’t have to worry about dinner.


¤ put turkey in fridge to thaw

¤ find stuffing, cranberry, pumpkin soup recipes

¤ clean bedrooms

¤ wash sheets on our bed and spare bed

¤ vacuum upstairs

¤ clean/mop upstairs bathroom

¤ make Grandpa M’s birthday card

¤ work on C’s dress (time permitting) (didn’t do this but I did get the odds and ends on M’s dress finished)


¤ dust living room

¤ hem fabric for table cloth (pinned it last night just have to run through machine now)

¤ hem napkins

¤ wash both

¤ bake pumpkin (why didn’t anyone tell me that was spelled wrong??!! ANNE!!!!)

¤ work on C’s dress (time permitting)


¤ chop celery/onions

¤ make bread for stuffing

¤ vacuum whole house

¤ work on C’s dress (time permitting)

¤ make dough for no knead Italian bread


¤ make pies (pumpkin and apple crisp pie)

¤ Mass (9 am)

¤ make stuffing

¤ stuff turkey

¤ put turkey in oven

¤ make soup

¤ make rolls (going to do a no knead Italian bread instead)

¤ set table

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