Thanksgiving 2009 – Recap

Today was an absolutely splendid day, if I do say so! We started with a nice, yet quick, breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage. We then headed to Mass where we were treated to a wonderful Homily by Fr. Mike. The recap of it is:  Remember who it is that you are giving thanks to on this day. That we can be thankful for everything that we have but that no man is an island and what they do is given from God. Also, the hardest part for an Atheist is when it comes time for him to give thanks. To whom does he give thanks too?

After mass, we arrived home to a prepare our feast. Turkey with stuffing, pumpkin soup, sweet potatoes, no knead bread and pies. We also had an appetizer tray with sausage, cheese, pate, olives, pickles and crackers.

I made the stuffing and J put it in the bird. I wish that I had video camera eyeballs when M saw Miss Turkey! She was so funny and so happy to see that we were going to put something in the bird! The bird went in to the oven stuffed and rubbed with olive oil. It came out 4 hours later, very yummy.  While the bird was cooking, we prepared our other feasting food and around 2 my in laws showed up. They supplied ravioli and mincemeat pie. We were certainly ready to feast.

My kids enjoyed the appetizer spread. K loaded up his plate with crackers, cheese, pate and pickles. M kept asking for some “chee”. (her word for a slice of cheese).

Then on to dinner…..

I have to say the Pumpkin Soup was terrible and I gladly gave my portion to my wee daughter. Blech, never again. The no knead bread was pretty good and  I really liked it. I don’t know if it was totally worth the wait for it though, but it was fun to try. The turkey and all the trimmings was great…yum.   The pies were so yummy,  so very yummy. We also tried our new Mystic Monk coffee, Jingle Bell Java and that is great! I highly recommend it to anyone looking to try a different blend.

Now we are watching a movie and the men are smoking cigars and pipes, the women are embroidering or knitting or blogging. The kids are in bed with full bellies (the baby ate more than most of us, I do believe). What a fun day.

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