Who’s that woman wearing Beth’s apron?

…cause the way she is a cleaning/cooking fool, it sure ain’t Beth.

This morning we woke up with just enough time to make it to daily mass. Since it is Wednesday and usually a school mass, I was prepared to sing “Table of Plenty”. No school today! No “Table of Plenty”. Don’t despair for me though, it is on the hymn board for tomorrow. 😉

After mass, we headed to the “mall” (I say “mall” because any self respecting “mall” would have a food court, this “mall” doesn’t even have a place where I can order a coffee). We stopped at the fabric store to pick up some baskets for the new bookshelf (aka toy shelf) that J is building today.

C also needed some shoes and I needed to replace my brown shoes as they fell apart last week. (No warning, nothing, just poof, unwearable).  We went to a few stores and let’s just say that it is hard to find shoes for 9 1/2 sized feet. I found a very cute pair on super sale, but they weren’t available above a 9. On to a different store. This one rocked, I found a pair of Doc Martens for $30.00!!!!! Now, Docs only come in whole sizes so I would have needed a size 10. Nope. Sad Face. I guess I am not meant to ever own a pair of Doc Martens. Or Birkenstocks for that matter. I did end up with a very cute pair of shoes though, a pair that I am very happy with.

C, on the other hand is now a size 4. Parents of wee ones, what do you do when they are size 4? It was very hard to find a pair for her. We finally did find a pair, but not until we went to 5 different stores! Urg. All I wanted was a pair of cute dress shoes.

Thanksgiving Prep

Miss Turkey is sitting on the counter hanging out. I put it in the fridge like the USDA told me to do, on Monday, and it was still a solid bird. Bah. So she will stay out for a bit today then back in for the overnight.  The celery and onions are cut for the stuffing. The pumpkin has been roasted for both pie and soup. The bread for the stuffing is rising on the stove. The bread for dinner is rising on the counter. The whole house has been dusted/mopped/vacuumed. The tablecloth is sewn, washed and on the table. The mantle is cleared off (more for Advent than for Tgiving, but it is done).  I put away my sewing things, so I won’t be working on C’s dress today or tomorrow, sad face. Oh well.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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