I will post today!

I have started posts for the past few days and found them very hard to complete, so I just stuck them in the “draft” section. Today I will post an about our life!

What has happened this week? Well, on Monday, we celebrated Caecilia’s Baptism Day! Since we do not have daily mass at our parish on Monday’s we went down to Delaware for Mass.  On Monday, their daily Mass is at 530 pm, so we actually went to the Vigil Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  Fr. Schalk was the celebrant, but that wasn’t a surprise this time because we know he always has the Monday Mass. We got to talk to him for 3.5 seconds after Mass, always a treat.

We then went home to enjoy some pasta with lemon sauce and salmon. Then for dessert, we had company and some Angel Food Cake with a strawberry/whip cream filling. Yummers.

Tuesday we were up early because we were being visited by the Amish. We had ordered windows a month or so ago and Tuesday was the day they came to install them. The crew that came were Amish. We do like the Amish folk and these guys were really wonderful. They didn’t seem to mind the kids and even asked questions about them. The one guy told me he and his wife had an 8 month old and I resisted asking if they home birthed and asking who their midwife was. When they spoke to each other they used a sort of German dialect (read more here). It sounded like German but I didn’t recognize any words. Anyway, they finished in about 3 hours and were on their way.

J was in and out that morning as the Bishop came to our Parish to celebrate Mass! What fun. I stayed back with the kids and that was probably better. Even though I heart Bishop Campbell, the kids were coughing a bit and it seemed only right to stay home. I started my Christmas present baking, six different kinds of biscotti and they are all very good.

Wednesday we an ordinary day. We had a visitor for a few hours in the afternoon then we spent the evening just relaxing. We finally finished, after only five years the Chronicles of Narnia.  FIVE YEARS!  We got the book the first Lent we were married.  I think we planned on reading most of during that Lent. Ha. So now we are done…wonder what to read next.

This morning started out at 830! The kids slept until 830. Normally the food begging begins at 725, sharp! It was nice to get that extra bit of sleep, even if I did feel like a slug for doing it.

I made soup for dinner. Well, I cheated, I made this then added some cabbage and a handful of noodles. I then made some croûtons and dinner was served. It was pretty good. After dinner, I went out to get my hair cut. I feel like I am 20 again! I love it. It is short and sassy but long enough to be feminine. The lady who cut my hair is from Illinois. Batavia to be exact. We spent the entire time talking about the “old neighborhood”, it was pretty neat.

When I got home, J had some bad news for me. My phone was dead. It had this nasty habit of hot syncing all the time. I have no idea what it means all I know is that my phone will not work unless it is plugged in to the computer. Crud. Well, he called the phone company and they had him do some stuff and when that didn’t work, they said they would send us a new phone. Of course, J will probably get it, if it has a better interface for scheduling and stuff. Oh, well, I will gladly share the phone with him. I am thankful that it was free for us too.

J then cut K’s hair and because he was so well behaved, J told K he could have two biscotti.  I set him up with a cup of milk and two cookies. No interest from K for the cookies. Hmmm. But he is enjoying the show I put on for him.

Tomorrow we  head to the Great Lake state for the annual Kress Family Christmas. I am looking forward to seeing family again and eating some of the yummy food my aunt and uncle are going to cook up. I am bringing the biscotti and a jalapeño popper dip that we are  creating.

Happy Advent, everyone!

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  1. Full week for you guys! Enjoy your party!

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