Trials and Tribulations

I am writing from the back room at the Martin Homestead. I have a quiet house with just the sound of at Nickelodeon show in the back ground. The kids are watching a lame-o show that Karol is protesting. I just put on NCIS and that is being met with tremendous revolt. So now, Cartoon Network is on.

My kids have NO idea how to watch regular TV. At home, the few shows they watch are “on demand”. That means, they demand and I put on. K doesn’t realize that he isn’t able to just watch “George” anytime he wants. I rather like it that way.

Of course, you are probably wondering, why are they still there? Weren’t they supposed to take a quick trip for the family party and be back on Sunday? Well, that was the plan, until the trusty car died. So we have been camping out at the Martin Homestead since Friday night. We didn’t even get to go to the Kress party because we were the last to head out that morning and everyone had left hours before us. Sad face.

So we had the car towed up to a shop in the town north of here. Fortunately they were open until 4 pm. Sadly, they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the car. So, we did laundry and dug in. We were able to go to Mass on Saturday evening, using my Dad’s car. We spent yesterday hanging out. I made dinner for the family, meatloaf and baked potatoes. I made a sponge cake with egg white icing, a new thing for me. We then anxiously awaited a phone call from the shop today.

They called early and said it is blah blah blah and they would have it fixed this afternoon. Nope. At 430 we were informed that wasn’t going to happen. We had to come up with a B plan and that included renting a car to get back to Ohio so J could work. When we suggested that to the Martin Parental Units, that was met with, another suggestion.

So now, my mom is driving J down to Ohio (doing a round trip tonight, so say a prayer for her) and I am home with the kids. (I would have done the trip with J but Mom’s car is a stick and someone failed somewhere and I have never been taught how to drive a stick.)

Now I get to be in Michigan, enjoying cable tv until the car is fixed.  I hope it is fixed tomorrow, tv is pretty lame-o. Plus,  I miss J already.

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