Home again!

My mom made it back last night safe and sound. When she got home, she found me on the couch with K and M by me. K was running a fever and M was just laying there. My mom sent me to bed and said she would wake me up if one of the kids needed me. About an hour later, she woke me up to tell me K was running a fever. Bah!  She stripped him and put a teeshirt on him and gave him son medicine and put him in bed with me. He slept there very nicely after that. When I woke up in the morning, she said M didn’t go to bed until 230! Ah, crazy travel and crazy things it does to the body clock. M ended up sleeping on grandpa’s chair until about 9 this morning. Grandpa’s chair is in the living room, the room everyone has to go through multiple times while getting ready for school and work. M slept through all of that!

The car was ready at 834 this morning. I got the kids ready and packed our stuff then my dad drove me up to the repair shop and I picked up the car. By 1115, I was gassed up and heading home, with the kids, of course.

The drive home was pretty uneventful. I planned on stopping to get lunch for us and the BK Lounge sounded pretty good. I have a rule that we either stop before getting on to 696 or we stop in Monroe. No stops in between. I ended up taking a detoured way to find one, but we did!  I probably should have waited, BK in MI is more expensive than it is south of the border. AND my Whopper Jr was pitiful, really pitiful. It was not filling either. Blah. Oh well, we are supposed to be meatless during Advent, so I shouldn’t complain.

The traffic wasn’t too bad on the way back, just lots of wind. In Ohio, there were lots of trucks, so I decided to take a back road home and found the drive quite pleasant.It was during that part that Karol insisted that we go camping. He even went so far as to tell me “I will talk to Papa about this when we get home”. Cute kid.

We got home, put things away, did some laundry, started bread for tomorrow then started getting achy. Urg. I am probably getting sick and not thrilled about it. After dinner, I showered and smeared on the Vicks Vapo-rub. I smell great

Now we are probably going to watch a show and I will hopefully fall in to peaceful slumber here on the couch.

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