The Big Snow of 2010

In case I forgot to mention (and I know I have), I am taking a few classes on line to prepare for a degree completion program, woohoo. One of the classes I am taking requires that I go to see a production of some sort from a list provided. Yea! Well, not so yea! I made plans to go to see a play in Columbus with a friend of mine and shortly after the plans were set, I saw the weather forecast for 14 inches of snow.

For those who do not know, four inches of snow will shut down central Ohio for at least 12 hours.

After trying to figure out what would work the best and checking road conditions, I decided to make the drive down. Surprisingly, the roads were not too bad and the drivers, pretty good. (Except for the ones who didn’t brush off their headlights or bother turning them on.) Sure, it took a bit longer, but I also hit Cols in the middle of rush hour. The roads were plowed or treated, the people were driving both reasonably and prudently. It was great! I made it to Patty’s, picked her up, headed for dinner and the play. The side roads by her were somewhat plowed but passable. No slipping, no sliding.

After the play, I took her home and headed back. I had originally planned on spending the night, but saw that we were supposed to get six more inches of snow overnight. I decided it would be best to head home before that fell to make sure I would make it home. (We were supposed to present at a Pre-Cana Class this morning, but because of the weather, it was cancelled.)

Franklin County roads and Delaware County roads were just fine. Marion County? Marion County must be the red headed step child of the Ohio Department of Transportation. Most of my route home is along US 23 where it is limited access, so mostly freeway like, with a few “at grade” crossings. When I crossed in to Marion County, the road that has been mostly clear a few miles before, became completely snow covered. Not the blowing and drifting kind, just simply, snow  packed down by traffic. Lanes? There are lanes? Huh? I didn’t see pavement at all. Not one bit!

SR 95 was the same way, hardly any plowing. Interesting. I made it home though in one piece and am thankful for that!

A few things I saw, though, that did irk me:

1. Person driving 25 on the freeway, in Franklin County where the roads were mostly wet, and the traffic speed was about 40 – 45. And said person was driving a LAND ROVER! Aren’t those made for snow?

2. Person tried to pass me on US23 where it was totally snow covered and we weren’t actually driving in lanes. When he got next to me, we must have been 4 inches apart. I admit, I yelled at him. Don’t endanger my life because you want to be the leader of the 40 mph line.

3. Multiple jacked up trucks that passed me and moved in front of me, not allowing an assured clear distance and shot slush/ice/snow/salt up at my windshield, blinding me for 10 seconds.

Those with the aforementioned lack of proper snow removal, not to shabby.

Since I am also at the end stages of a cold, I opted to stay inside with C, who is also at the end stages of a cold, while Joshua took the other two outside. I think I will go check on them now and see what sort of fun they are having. (From the comfort of a window of course!)

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