Fun Day, Fun Night.

Well, I can tell you that today was anything but ordinary for the Facefamily. We started the day out early and headed to the south side of Columbus, to a town called Grove-tuky, I mean, Grove City. There my friend Patty fed us some yummy chili and even more yummy cookie bars. (Complete with spelling time, so the kids wouldn’t understand. Pretty sure the first words they will spell will be cookies, ice cream, treat and candy.) Joshua helped Patty with things around the house while I kept the kids occupied. It was actually pretty easy since Patty has this awesome second floor with nothing to keep the kids from running, rolling, crab walking and playing “ring around the rosary”.

After we left Patty’s house, we went to the Vigil Mass at Holy Family in Columbus. Mass was wonderful, except I have a one year old who screams and screams and screams. Not unhappy per se, just does not want to sit in the pews. Any tips?

Since we knew it was going to be a late night, we decided to stop for dinner. Where to stop? Where to stop? Joshua suggested BigBoys and I was all like “HECK YEAH!” and may have actually clapped. I love Big Boy, I really do. On our sllloooow drive up High Street, through The Short North, Campus (which, I have to admit is pretty darn nice looking these days) and North Campus, I decided to text our favorite seminarian to invite him to dinner. After some hilarity, the type seen from time to time on Three’s Company, we arranged a meet up point to pick him up.  (Note to self and others don’t assume someone has your phone number saved in their phone, even if you know they have in the past ;))

Dinner was fun, Karol was THRILLED to learn about the invention known as the Salad Bar. Lettuce and hard boiled eggs? The kid was in heaven.

I was elected to drive home. So, we dropped our favorite seminarian off at the PCJ (one of my favorite places on this earth) and headed home.

On the ride home, I couldn’t wait to get home and in to bed. The kids mostly agreed at two of them fell asleep in the car and one, well, one she serenaded us with music from Advent “O Come Divine Messiah”, Star Trek – TNG (she hummed the opening song), Storytime “Put your finger on your head on your head…” and many more. If I could bottle this type of entertainment and sell it, we’d be rich. Alas,  we finally got home, the kids snug in bed, me, resting in comfy pajama pants, and now I can’t sleep.  Off to read something. Have  a great night.

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