Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday brought us a special visit from a Very Special Priest Friend.

We were supposed to go to Mass in Columbus, but M threw up 15 minutes before we were to leave, so I took K and went to Mass here. After that fine “treat”, we came home and found that M was feeling a bit better and resting on the couch. We ate a quick breakfast then began to prepare for the visit of our Very Special Priest Friend (VSPF). In the mean time, Joshua went to the 11 am Mass (for which I owe him big time). Oh and we tried to get a hold of VSPF, but he was giving a retreat, and did not get our message. When he arrived, he was fine with staying for dinner.

Our visit was wonderful and the kids rallied and felt better by the time he arrived. K woke up from his nap and said “Is Father here!!??!!” and ran down stairs. M had to be coaxed to come down, but she did and had a great time sharing books with Father. C played around Father, but did not warm up to him until later, but that is that way she is with everyone new.

Father encouraged us in our decision to home school and that is always nice. We also talked of how “open” the world is now, with the internet. Hence, the reason our friend is called VSPF, so if he is Googled, I would rather this blog not come up and I am sure he feels the same way.

After a nice dinner, we took pictures, shown above, including, K, possible future priest. I have no idea how to make them bigger, but if you click on the, they will be full size. (Sorry for my ineptness).

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