Easter (sans pictures)

Well, except for a picture of the boy sunning himself on a rock, we did not take any pictures this weekend. I thought about, the girls dressed in matching dresses, the boy handsome in a sweater and tie, but in the end, I just didn’t get the camera pulled out.

We went to Church for Holy Thursday and Good Friday. K was so excited to be able to venerate the Cross. When we got back to our pew, he whispered to me, “Mama, I wasn’t even shy!” I of course, held back tears as my two little ones venerated the Cross.  They love Jesus with all of their little hearts and worried so much about them this past week, as he was whipped and hurt.

On Holy Saturday, we prepared for Easter, baking bread, making Easter Pie and boiling eggs. I also made baklava this year! I “cheated” and used store bought phyllo dough, even then, it was time consuming, but totally worth it.

We went to the Vigil mass, where Joshua chanted the Exultet and the kids were mostly behaved. K fell asleep shortly before communion, but the girls were up and awake through the whole thing. After we enjoyed some snacks in the church hall, then came home and ate Easter Pie while visiting with friends. The kids fell asleep on the couch around 1 am and we hung out until about 2, then our friends left.We still had to put together the baskets and hide them. The kids had a great time looking for them and finding what presents they received for Easter. (A set of toy dishes for M and Legos for K and C, little and big blocks, respectively).

We ate our Easter Pie for breakfast as well as  hard boiled eggs and candy. We played with the new toys then sacked out on the couch during nap time, recovering from our sugar comas. I have to say that since I was pregnant with C, I have had a low tolerance for candy and soda, too much sugar for me and I just feel sick for a while after, so I only had a few pieces.

After we woke up, we started getting dinner ready. We had the traditional steaks, potato and asparagus with baklava and fresh fruit tarts for dessert. We also had a guest, our friend, Fr. Schalk from Delaware  (OH) came to visit. We had a great time with him. While J and I were putting the finishing touches on dinner, Fr. Schalk turned in to the cool uncle who comes to visit and the kids attacked him, it was great. (As a side note, it is wonderful seeing a young priest living his vocation and loving Jesus with his whole heart and not being afraid to  hang out with the kids for fear of “rumours”).

We visited for a while then Father had to leave, K had been sent to his room earlier and C was out, so it was just us two and M. Margaret did a great job of singing for us “Stainless the Maiden”, it was wonderful to hear her sing.

We finished the night with the end of “The Robe” (we had been watching it through out the day) then watched a Star Trek. K joined us for the second show and stayed up with Papa for “Short Circuit” and I headed to bed.

Happy Easter Monday everyone!

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  1. Sounds lovely, Beth! You have such a beautiful family.

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