Garage Down!

Yes! The day I have been waiting for since shortly after we signed our mortgage, the garage is no more. J’s brothers came out late Monday night and were up bright and early on Tuesday taking things down. It went pretty fast, but the guys were sore by the end of the day. I am thankful that it is down. It was such an eyesore and not useful for much of anything. Our neighbors seem to be pretty happy too. Hopefully the garage being down will hide the fact that our front porch really needs to be painted.

The first two pictures show the damage inside the garage. It looks like it sprung a leak at some point, with the prior owner, and it was never fixed. Some of the blocks in the foundation turned to dust at the touch, scary! As you can see in the bottom shot (even though it is a bit dark) the back yard is opened up a lot more. From my kitchen window, you can see the whole back yard, so I will not forget the garden this year (hopefully!)

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