Playdates are really just for the mothers.

Today we had a playdate at our house. I must say, I much prefer hosting than attending. Sure, there is the mess to clean at the end of the day, but I do not feel like I have to watch my kids constantly and I can just enjoy the visit with my friends. (Not that my friends’ houses are not comfortable, but I am so afraid that my kids will destroy something that I tend to hover over them and ignore my friends.)

Two of my friends came with their children, a total of five in all, four girls and a boy to add to our mix. One of the girls declared that she and M were friends. It was too cute. M does not have many chances to hang out with girls her age, so it is nice to see her playing with other girls. K took to the only other boy and they played together. In all, we only had a few tears but no fights, great success.

Of course, play dates are really just excuses for the mothers to get together. It is always wonderful to be able to talk to another adult and another like minded mother who does not think I am crazy for, well,  for being Catholic.

The rest of the week is full too. We are going to a St. George Party on Friday. I am working on the Knight and Princess outfit for the kids. We have watched “Sword in the Stone” a few times recently and K is obsessed with getting to be a knight, so he is very excited. J even fashioned him a sword out of cardboard and duct tape. M is excited to be a princess and has been very good at letting me try the dress on her. (I will post pictures of the completed project, soon.)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Your title is so true, but that doesn’t make them any less important!!! :o)

  2. Oh, Anne, it makes them MORE important! The kids and I were much happier yesterday and today than usual!

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