Praise God!

Some of you may know Kyle Beiter, MD a dear friend to many Columbus-ites. Kyle worked at St Vincent Hospital, in Manhattan  up until last night, when they closed. Kyle was the last OB/Gyn on call last night. St. Vincent was the last Catholic hospital in Manhattan.

Dr. Beiter is an NFP only specializing in the Creighton Model method. He, along with Dr. Mienik, a family practice MD, a NFP only medical office, called the Gianna Center. The good news is that the Gianna Center will be continuing independently from the hospital. Their new website is,

If you have access to EWTN, Dr. Beiter and Dr Mielnik will be on Fr Groeschel’s show this Sun (May 2) evening at 7pm ET. If you don’t have cable like us, you can stream it from EWTN’s website.

Please keep the Gianna Center in your prayers, that they continue to grow and do His most Holy Will.

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