It’s Late

It’s late and I am awake. I fell asleep while watching a show around 830. Of course, I would fall asleep on the short couch, therefore, I was not very comfortable and woke up around midnight and here I am now, wide awake and unable to get back to sleep.

I came down stairs to get the laptop and a bowl of cereal called my name. I should not complain, but I am warm and uncomfortable. The trusty weather channel online tells me that it is only 60 degrees outside with  89% humidity. Bah. If I am this way at 20 weeks. how is the rest of the summer going to go? Bah.

I could also be sore because I have started the daunting task of scraping paint from the front porch. We have an enclosed front porch with 8 windows that have not seen a paint brush in at least 10 years. I got the inside of one window mostly done, along with the frame and that was with stopping to run to the grocery store, make lunch and dinner and to run to the store to help my friend find something. If I can do a window a day, I could have the inside done by next Saturday. The outside involves a ladder, so I may have to have Joshua do them. Of course, then there are the screens and their frames to work on. Perhaps by the end of May it will all be done.

C woke up just a bit ago, fussing. I moved upstairs and it is a bit cooler now, which is nice. C is laying between us, now, being cute. She found an old doll of mine earlier today. I do not let the kids actually play with the doll, because she is old and was made for me by my grandma, but I let C hold her today while I made beds. She kept giving kisses then pretended to change her diaper. Tonight, when I was getting in to bed the first time, I changed C’s diaper and she played with the doll for a minute, again giving kisses and pretending to feed her. Now she is scooting her way to the foot of the bed, under the covers. I think she may go back to her bed in a second.

Today we are going to Mass at the PCJ then to brunch with one of our favorite seminarians. After brunch, we will bid him good bye (until next weekend, when he is home for the summer) then head to the baptism of my dear friend’s daughter. I am really looking forward to the day and hope that none of my kids throw up.

Have a great Sunday!

ps pardon typos, I did this all without my glasses on…no small feat.

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