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Today I went to my first home schooling conference. It was in Dayton, Ohio and I had a good time. I picked my friend, Kimberly bright and early this morning for the drive over. We were able to attend mass then the conference. The speakers were great! We had a great line up of speakers, Andrew Schmiedicke, Father Sherry, CPM, Danielle Bean and Maureen Whittmann. I really enjoyed each and every talk!

I took a look at the many books offered and while I held back from buying anything. It was not easy, but the idea of buying them, just to pack them in a box did not seem wise to me.

What’s that? Why would I pack them in a box without reading them? Well, let me tell you why. Joshua got a new job. In Georgia. As in we are moving this summer. To Georgia. In the summer. Pregnant.

Why is it that I seem to be moving either pregnant or with a new born? I also seem to recall telling Joshua, shortly before we were married, that we were living in the Beaumont House for three years. By the time our third anniversary rolled around, we were on our third address. In the time since our third anniversary, we have seen two more addresses. So, by the time our Sixth Anniversary rolls around, we will have lived in four different states and held seven different addresses.

I do ask for prayers, for Joshua’s new job, for me keeping my sanity while packing up a house and being a single mother for a bit, while he goes and I stay and for us to be able to sell our house, quickly!
Quick Edit: No, I will not be burying a statue of St. Joseph in my yard.

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  1. You can DO it!!! But I do promise my prayers because it sure is tough. I think your moving record is even more full than ours. In four years of marriage we’ve had four addresses! Let’s hope this newest one is more permanent for both of us!!

  2. Prayers for you all, of course!

  3. Prayers for you guys. God will take care of the rest. And, make sure you plan time to rest! 🙂

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