Motivational Mondays

Anyone know of anything to help with motivation on Monday? I am sure that loading your weekends with all day activities and avoiding sunburn would help.

Yesterday we went to the Columbus Zoo and the attached water park, Zoombezi Bay. The Scouts had a special group rate and for $10/person, we could get into the zoo and the water park. I honestly am not a zoo person. I do not enjoy it and I can certainly tell you that I do not enjoy the zoo when there are thousands of people there. Once we got to the water park, I was much happier. The kids had a blast and K informed me that he wanted to go again today.

We also went out to dinner, a special treat for us and to make things even better, the kids ate free! I had suggested McDonalds when we were first talking about going out to eat but Joshua suggested eating some place we won’t be able to when we move, so I suggested Old Bag of Nails (if you are ever in Columbus Ohio, I recommend checking out one of their many locations around the city).

However, today, I am blah. It started at 315 this morning when firecrackers went off on our street. Who does that? I finally fell back to sleep, thankfully, but it was not a sound sleep. Thankfully, Joshua worked from home a bit this morning so I could sleep in a bit. We had a mover come and give us an estimate for loading and transporting our stuff to Georgia, fun times. We cleaned and organized a few things up stairs. After Joshua left for work, I forced myself to do a few loads of laundry then pack up books. I found a few books I would like to sell* on line but after looking  at the going price, I figured, nah, I will just garage sale them. We are talking $.75 for a hardcover book that retails for $32.00.If you are willing to pay shipping and are interested in a biography of George H W Bush (aka 41) or a “portrait” of the marriage of George and Laura, please holler!

We needed to use up the money in our flex spend account, so I just ordered three years worth of contacts, fun times. Well, actually, I think it should technically be a year and a half, as they are suddenly supposed to be tossed every two weeks. I have been using the same ones since I got contacts nearly 10 years ago and only with this purchase have I been told that they are not monthlys. Oh well.

Tonight’s dinner will be left overs from last night plus some fresh fruit and pudding for dessert. We had a gallon of skim milk left over from a fund raiser breakfast that I needed to use up. If I drink it, I feel yucky after and the kids don’t like it, so I figured I would put it in pudding.

*And no, Suzanne, my autographed copy of “The Privilege of Being a Woman” is not on that list.

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  1. p.s. I do the same thing with contact lenses!!! 🙂

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