My Wishes

Simple, really, here are some wishes I have for the future of our Church:

1. That those who are in charge of teaching the faith to our youth actually accept wholly, the teachings of our wonderful Church.

2. That those who do not agree with the Church and her teachings (contraception, woman priests, actually having to assist at Mass on Sundays and all Holy Days) would open their hearts to the Holy Spirit and open their minds to the reasons behind the teachings.

3. That Youth Ministry Programs become more prayerful and less skitful. We are not doing our children any favors by serving them Peeps when they need Lamb. We need to teach our children and teens how to pray, how to embrace silence, how to fall in love with Love Himself. When one is fed with the truth of God, they do not need fabricated fun.

I have more and will probably add to this list in the future. For today though, I am praying for those who do not understand and who fight against the teachings of an All-Male Priesthood.

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