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I find that a few quick posts help me to know where I have been and where I am going in preparing for our move.

We have been finding ourselves moving the down comforter from the bed to the chair to the bed to the chair each day. This morning I remembered that the linen cabinet I use to store my clothes in is all cleared out, so I folded up our extra blankets and stuck them in there, the room looks much nicer now.

I sorted the last two baskets of laundry in to “current” and “not current” clothes for the kids, so, once I get things packed in to totes, I can say, clothes are packed. Book are done, some toys are done, kitchen is not done. I will probably work on that this week.

We have contractors coming to day to measure the office for flooring and a painter coming next week to do the porch and to strip the wallpaper from the walls in the bedrooms and the dining room. This of course made us realize how pretty the walls would be and that people would probably notice the crummy floors, especially if the house does not sell and we leave it empty for a bit. So, we will probably have someone come and lay carpet. Of course, this may help us get what we want from the house, in terms of selling price.

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