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Today we finished the old pink room and now it is a mint green room, very pretty, actually. This will be our room now until we move. When J goes to GA, I will move C in with me in her crib.

I started on the room that had been ours for the past year and a half. I got most of the walls done, except for the upper part of one wall, near the ceiling, because I didn’t want to over do it. I will work on it tonight, after the kids go to bed and hopefully be able to do the trim tonight as well. We have the flooring guys coming tomorrow to put the floor down in the office so that will be another room down.

For those keeping track, we needed to do something to two bedrooms, an office area, our dining room as well as finish installing insulation and shingle the roof to the porch. (All things we thought we would have lots of time to do, but the suddenness of the move made them have to be done NOW!) So now, we are down to the dining room, finishing the trim in the office (once the flooring is down), the insulation and the roof. (if there is more, I don’t want to be reminded.

I should think of the positive things that we have going for us and this house. Since we signed the mortgage, we have put in: a new hot water heater, new furnace, new roof (down to the rafters), taken down wallpaper in three bedrooms (soon to be dining room too), fresh paint in three bedrooms and built an office area. If I forgot something, you can remind me in this section!

Today I had to deal with our car insurance. I noticed a dent in the van the other day, a small, softball sized one, one I should have probably ignored, but called it in anyway. I know the woman I talked to told me she would call me back with the time to take it to the shop. I even wrote what she said down and hung it on the fridge. Well, no call came, so I put it out of mind. That was until the repair place called and said we had an appointment at 10 this morning (they called at 2 in the afternoon). Next day they can get me in is Monday. I called another place, same thing.

Of course, this call came right after I had sat down to have a snack and realized that Joshua was leaving in just a few days, so I was a wreck. I started bawling and Joshua thought it was because I was upset about the car until I managed to get out that I was scared that he was leaving and how spoiled I am and how much I depend on him and how am I going to do this for at least a month?

(Joshua called the insurance company back and they told him that they could send someone out for an estimate. Uh, why wasn’t I told that when I said I had time constraints?)

I see that it is 450 and I have no idea what to make for dinner. These are the nights I wish I could just say “pizza” and call, but I know that fastfood has not been treating me well lately, so I will probably do cheesy noodles. French toast sounds good too.

One more thing: Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!!

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