Sleep Walking

Last night I had a wonderful phone conversation with my dear friend Jaime. If only the stars would align and we could live within an hour of each other again.That conversation plus the one I had afterward with my husband kept me up way later than I had expected. I am not complaining though, as we were heading to bed, two really funny things happened. Well, maybe funny in a way a parent could laugh at.

First, Caecilia had woken up and made her way to the living room (as has been her practice this week). We normally let her sit with us for a few minutes then send her back to bed. Last night, since I was on the phone and Joshua was doing work, he just set her on the couch with a book and a blanket. She fell back to sleep for a bit then woke up to play. She was having a grand ol’ time with us but we needed some sleep, so off to bed she was to go. First Joshua checked her diaper. Boy am I glad he did. That diaper was the ickiest diaper I have seen in a while. I told him, because he changed that one, I would get all of Benedict’s diapers for a week. Benedict’s diapers aren’t bad, per se, he just tends to pee whenever the diaper if off, requiring a new cover, another clean diaper, sometimes a change of clothes and some times a good scrub down of the couch. I am learning though, I now normally change him only on the changing table. Unless of course….

…one of the charming Facekids locks my bedroom door and I can’t get to it. Thankfully, Benedict did not have any issues with being changed on the couch that time.

While Joshua was taking care of Caecilia’s really icky diaper, Karol strolled out to the living room. He walked right by me, did not respond to my hello, proceeded to the toy area, looked around for a second, walked back by me, not acknowledging me again then headed back to bed. I figured he was sleep walking (like his mumma does), laughed and went back to staring at Benedict while he nursed. Then I heard Joshua yelling talking sternly to Karol to get to the bathroom. I thought maybe Karol was throwing up or something, so I detached Benedict and ran down the hall way. There I found Karol with his pajamas down going to the bathroom, in the hallway. He woke up in the middle of it all and started bawling his eyes out. I got him a change of clothes, told him he was okay, then put him back to bed, where he was back to sleep in no time.

That was our fun last night. We then got in to bed and Benedict started fussing. I wondered aloud where he could be putting all this food when Joshua asked if I thought Benedict could still be hungry. I told him no, but he seemed to be rooting around for food. Joshua took him, laid him next to his side, patted his butt and he fell right to sleep. He stayed asleep for close to five hours! He woke up around 430 or so and nursed with just me, no supplement and was content until around 730, nursed with just me again slept some more. I was able to get a shower in before Joshua left for work, the kids breakfast and myself breakfast before he needed a supplemented feeding. I feel nice and refreshed and like I actually got some sleep.

I actually got dinner in the crock pot and Joshua agreed to make fried rice when he got home. I actually made dessert for tonight also, for the Feast of the Archangels and rescued Benedict from the clutches of Caecilia. Let’s just say that all of our Guardian Angels were protecting us this morning as Caecilia managed to move Benedict from the boppy pillow, where I thought he was safe and he was about to fall, head first, from the couch. I walked in the room just in time to catch him and Caecilia thought she was being a great big sister.

Before I go, I wanted to let you all know that it has rained all day long here, over an inch of rain has fallen today alone. This is good as our air conditioner broke on Monday. Last night we slept with windows open and it was wonderful. Today, Karol asked if we could close some windows as he was cold. What a nice turn around. In the 10 day forecast, we have a day where the high is 72 and the low is 52, I look forward to that day.

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