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Monday Musings–October 4th, 2010

Right Now: 1035 in the morning, cool and sunny. So cool that I am wearing pants and a sweater. The kids have longs pants on and neither of the older two wanted to sit by the open window during breakfast. (Did I just say “Open window?”)

This Weekend: Saturday was our 6th wedding anniversary. We did not do much, made a nice dinner and watched a few shows on the computer. In the morning we went for a family bike ride (including Benedict). It was supper nice to be outside and not sweating. We rode for about 20 minutes and came back home. The kids ran around the yard and were attacked by a hill of ants and screamed like one of them lost a toe.

Sunday we went to a Parish about 45 minutes from here and it may be a great alternative between driving to Macon and the parish here. We were greeted afterward by a group of ladies and a few men who pretty much begged us to stay at the parish. We were also told how wonderfully behaved our kids were during mass. I guess they didn’t hear Caecilia yell “Book” as we sat down or notice that Karol had to be taken out because he refused to budge from the back of church.

After Mass, Joshua had a snack with the kids and let them run around while I nursed Benedict in the van.When I was done, we went for a ride in the country and looked at a few houses that I had found online that are for sale. (Our  Ohio house is in contract right now and hopefully we will close by the end of October, if it does, we are looking to buy a house down here, renting is no fun!)

Some Plans for the Week:  It is a big Feast week this week, St. Francis today, St. Maria Faustina tomorrow, Our Lady of the Rosary on the 7th, we will celebrate them accordingly. I have no idea what we are going to do, as my typical idea is to make a dessert. We will probably make Franciscan Habits out of grocery bags today. For tomorrow I think we will paint an image of the Divine Mercy Jesus. Our Lady of the Rosary? Perhaps a Rosary Cake.

We officially started Kindergarten for Karol this morning. I think Margaret will be learning right along with him, as she was very interested in helping him color his coloring page. She had one of her own, but it was just one that I printed and I think she liked the idea of the shapes book.

Tomorrow is pay day and I plan on going to the grocery store that is having a Buy One Get One Free sale to pick up some Michigan Apples and a few other items.

If I Find Some Time for Myself, I Want To: sit with a nice cup of coffee at a coffee shop and read a book for 20 minutes. Seeings as that probably won’t happen, I will probably take time this afternoon, if I get any, to hang up clothes and fold what does not get hung up. I also need to make some sheets for the cradle as I can’t find the one that it came with and have been unable to find some to buy on line.

Some Prayer Intentions: For our friend Stephen, during his Midterm week. For the sale of our home in Ohio, that the inspection goes well and we are able to close by the end of the month. In thanksgiving for a woman in Indiana who has been waiting to hear back on a biopsy, NO CANCER!!

Something that Makes Me Smile: a sleeping baby.
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  1. Happy Anniversary to you both!!!

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