Right now…10:05 am (2:05 GMT)…sunny and cool out side. Our days start out around 50 and we end up in the 80’s. Dressing for the weather down here is harder than dressing for the weather in the North Country. I must remember layers, layers, layers! The kids are watching “how to” shows on Hulu while I feed Benedict. So far this morning, we have had a melt down for each of the children

This weekend…we were busy busy busy as we have been for the past few weekends.

Friday I had the van, so we picked Joshua up from work and went to the park. We went to one by Valdosta High School. While the kids played, Joshua and I sat on a bench and talked. (Then I got a phone call from an unnamed reader looking for directions to the airport, in Ohio! Great call!) We got to see the visiting football team arrive, with a police escort. Two cars from the city/county they were from. We went home, ate dinner and I fell asleep on the couch after nursing Benedict. He slept for about five hours that night, only waking around five to eat. Of course, he was up for two hours, then he fell back to sleep. I did too…

…sleeping 930. Joshua made breakfast and suggested making crackers and yogurt this weekend. I nixed the yogurt because I had a few other kitchen things to do and yogurt is a bit time intensive as well as space intensive. While he worked out in the yard, I made some homemade wheat thins. I think with a bit more practice on rolling them out and making them uniform, they will be pretty good. They are much more substantial than the ones bought at the store. I also made seven layer bars for the parish picnic and baked some chicken for dinner. (We eat A LOT of chicken around here). I had thought of taking the kids to the movies for Margaret’s feast day, but ended up just having Joshua pick up ice cream when he went to the store. He needed to pick up a part for the cradle and said he would take one of the kids with him. Usually, I say “take Karol and Margaret” or just Karol. Saturday, I told him to take Caecilia. It was nice to get dinner started with out wondering what she was getting in to. She is by far the most mischievous child we have had. We ended up watching Wind in the Willows and eating ice cream in the evening then I headed to bed early.

Yesterday we went to Mass then to the parish picnic at our new parish. We had a nice time visiting with all the people there and my kids loved running around all afternoon. They are all nice and toasty colored now. Note to self: Sunscreen is needed in October here. When we got in the van, we had four sleeping kids within five minutes. Our ride home was nice and quiet. We drove by cotton fields and fields of newly planted crops! I think one of the fields may have been tobacco, but I am not sure. We also drove by a pecan orchard. I am excited for pecans to become available and hope they are much cheaper than 8.99/lb.

Some plans for the week…work on the budget. I am so very particular about making sure the bills are paid and things are budgeted for that I actually look forward to payday and paying bills.

We are going camping in November (I know, crazy, but it is on the ocean!) so I need to prepare a menu plan for the few days we will be gone. I am looking for ideas that don’t involve fresh meat, Spam will do just fine.

If I find some time for myself, I want to… I have given up on this concept! 🙂

Some prayer intentions…That our house closes soon and very soon.

Something that makes me smile…Caecilia taking herself to the bathroom, all by herself.

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  1. Beth, guess what happened to MY most mischievous child? She is leaving for the convent in three weeks!

    • A priest friend of ours, upon meeting Caecilia for the first time, said that she was going to be a mother superior. 🙂

  2. I am amazed you have time to update your blog AND make wheat thins from scratch… With nursing one of your four kids?? How do you do it??

    (by the way…thanks again for the directions)

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