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Help! Mothers out there who have ever had a near two year old and a newborn, help! I realize I have been down this road before, but it was so much easier last time.  Caecilia is crazy and if she is not trying to “love” Benedict to death, she is either doing things to wake him up or to get herself hurt.

She tends to get in to trouble when I cannot get up to get her, like when I am nursing. (Poor Benedict, he has to deal with meal interruptions a lot.) I notice that some of her actions are not mischievous, but “helpful”, like climbing up on the table to help clear it. However, some of her actions seem to be very well calculated to be able to get away with the most she can while I am unable to get her.

Anyone? Advise? How did you nurse and deal with a toddler?

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  1. Before you nurse, give her an activity or a variety of activities that are challenging. She’ll be preoccupied and not likely to notice when things need “cleaning.”

  2. I don’t know if you guys do “alone play time” but I made big use of that to nurse Claire when she was small. Either in a bedroom or a playpen – somewhere you can feel assured she’s safe from herself for 10 minutes. It works really well for us!!

  3. Can you show Karol how important it is to be a ‘big boy’ and help C with some kind of an activity? Do you dare try playdough…??

  4. Short of straight-jackets, cages and other restrictive devices, this may just be your temporary cross to bear. All the suggestions sound good but I’m sure you’ve tried these or something similar. I think you could use an older child in the house….like a 12 year old girl. Ever thought of adopting? :O

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