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Right Now…11:29 am. I am always amazed when I see Nadja’s times, always way before I am awake! Last week I stayed up after Benedict woke up at 5 for a feeding, I figured I would get some paperwork done, and maybe fold some laundry. Ha. Caecilia came plodding down the hallway around six. So much for that.

Anyway, it is sunny and cool here, around 70 degrees, according to my weather widget. The windows are all closes, so I can’t tell if we have swamp fire smoke still lingering out there. It was really bad over the weekend.
This weekend…was jam packed full of fun times. On Friday night, I went out for a bit and found a bookstore here in Valdosta. I thought it was going to be one of those discount stores, ones that are set up for a few weeks or months, then are gone. Turns out it was more like a Borders or a Barnes and Noble, coffee bar and all! Woot. I picked up a math workbook for Karol, as he is blowing through the kindergarten curriculum like nothin’ else. I also picked up an audio copy of Dean Koontz’s “Odd Hours”. We plan on listening to that while on our trip to KY. I found a copy of “Little Women”, from the kids section.

On Saturday we headed to an air show at Moody Air Force Base. That was a riot. It was great when Karol got so excited about all of the planes, he even got to sit in the cockpit of one of them.

After spending a few hours watching planes fly and seeing them perform death defying feats, we headed home for a bit of a rest. While everyone rested, I took Benedict to the produce market to pick up some much needed fresh items. I found tomatoes 3/$1 and in the shell fresh pecans $1.69/a pound and they are goood. The tomatoes are “real” tomatoes, not pretty looking at all and gooood too.

When I got back, we headed out to the K of C hall for the monthly social dinner. It was a nice dinner again this month, Thanksgiving food!

Between all of that, I discovered a new organic market here in Valdosta. I found out about it just before closing time on Saturday, so I am going tonight and am EXCITED. It opened just at the same time my grocery budget opened up, sweet. I hope to be able to get our grains from there. We get our produce from the market south of town, our meat from the local grocery stores, which ever are cheapest. I wish we could afford organic grass fed meat, but not right now, maybe in the future. Or if we find someone local who sells freezer beef for a good price. Any way, the local grocery store flour and oatmeal sections are pretty sad. First, most of the flour is self rising, whole wheat is hit or miss along with unbleached.Fresh herbs like cilantro would be nice to find too!

Sunday was a pretty full day too. We went to Mass in Moultrie then back home for a quick breakfast. We went out to the store for some things for the kids. We realized that we needed a light jacket for them, mainly in the mornings, for Mass. I had a coupon for Carters that was expiring this week, an this was the only time we could go, so we headed out. We picked up the outfits they will wear for the Feast of Christ the King and Christmas also, as well as a few more shirts for Margaret and Caecilia.

We came home, cleaned up a bit then made dinner. After dinner we tackled the laundry baskets and folded all the laundry, yes!

Some plans for the week…cleaning the house a bit and getting ready for a visit from my in laws. We aren’t exactly sure when they will be here, but sometime this week or next.
If I can find a little time for myself, I want to…clean my desk area and set up a sewing area.

Special prayer intentions for the week…For Nan, our dear friend!

Something that makes me smile: Caecilia pretending to feed Benedict and him smiling at her!

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