Organic? Did you say organic?

Sweet deal, we have an organic supermarket here in Valdosta. I love this little store already. Tonight I headed out to see what it was like and was not disappointed. I found organic butter, from a local farm for $3.50/pound. For real! No, for real!! I can’t even get crappy, stale,  refrigerator tasting butter from the local Winn Dixie for that price. I can’t wait to try some!

I also found some home made marshmallows, and am excited to try those. I picked up some rye flour to make rye crackers, maybe with the kids this week, if they are good and allow me time to do my regular chores! 🙂 My treat to myself was drinkable yogurt, for the times I need a snack or don’t get to finish my breakfast!

I plan on adding Whisked to my regular rounds of shopping, if even just for butter and drinkable yogurt.

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  1. I’m buying more and more organic foods. Was the drinkable yogurt kefir? If so, I have some for breakfast almost every day. I want to find a source for the grains so I can start making it myself.

    • It is from a local farm here but it is great!

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