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Right now…10:06 am, rainy and cool. No, we have not gotten the snow and ice that I am sure you have all heard Georgia is getting. Nope. we are about 45 minutes south of where the jet stream is resting, so we have 42 degrees and rain. The town where our Parish is has a “Winter Storm Warning” for ice! Today is Margaret’s 4th birthday and requested watching Dr. Doolittle this morning. It is the old version and she loves it so much, so I put it on and we had breakfast while watching the movie. It is still on, so I am watching parts of it with them.
This weekend..was par for the course for the Facemyer family. We ran errands, rested, cleaned and watched movies. The only different thing added in was dinner with the Borja family.  They live a few towns over and are friends of our friends the Shiekos, so we finally decided to get together and hang out. I am sure we overwhelmed them but we had a great time. There aren’t many Catholics in this part of the world, so meeting another young Catholic family is wonderful! (statistic, in the diocese of Savannah, there are 2.8 million people and of those people, 73,649 are Catholic, a small small number)

Our errands on Saturday involved buying a booster seat for Margaret! Yeah, no more carseat for her! We are going to retire her old one to the garbage as it is quite old and very ratty. It was a hand me down from Joshua’s sister and I think she used it with all of her kids, meaning it is close to 10 years old! I also found a new pair of dress shoes. My old ones are still functional and nice, but they are sort of dated, and my style of dress has changed a bit since I bought them too, so I needed something that fit more in with my current style. I will probably alternate between the two though.

We also looked for a new umbrella stroller. The wheels on ours are pretty much dead and it is so hard to push it. I also would like to find something that is a bit taller in the handles. I wonder, I am not that tall, but I have to hunch over to push each one that I have ever used, are there any made for tallerish people? Also, how do fathers push them?

On Sunday we organized the back room again. We don’t have a shed or much storage space in this house, so a lot of the extra things have just been tossed back there. However, that room is also the first room that people see when they come to the house, so, even though things were sort of neat in there, it most certainly wasn’t inviting. We set up another shelf and put a few things in bins, and while it isn’t perfect, it is much better. We made a sitting area out there too, with our patio furniture, so maybe that will be my quiet sitting area for reading.
Some plans for the week: To get back in to the swing of school. My goal is to be done with it by the end of March, so that we can enjoy spring here before it gets hot again.

Special prayer intentions: This week is National Vocation Awareness Week, so I am upping my prayers for the increase in religious and priestly vocations.

If I find a little time for myself: I would like to learn more about crocheting. Caecilia’s godmother made the cutest crocheted doll for her and I want to be able to do it. Mary (C’s godmother) also crocheted a wool diaper cover in like a day. A DAY! So I wonder, is it easier than knitting. I like to knit, but I am not one of those who can cast on, do a few rows then put it down, I have to concentrate about it and if I put it down, I have a hard time starting again. Then there is the issue of knitting needles and the kids loving to play with them. So I am going to read up about it. Perhaps a trip to the library is in order.
Something that makes me smile: watching Margaret dance in her seat while watching Dr. Doolittle.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Margret!

    I didn’t realize how close in age Margret and Karol are.

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