Long List….

…I have a long list of things to do today and absolutely no desire to do any of it. Does anyone want to come down to Georgia (highs this weekend will be in the 60s) and do some chores for me? Pretty please. I will even organize them for you, so you know what need to be done first!

1. Wash diapers (not as gross as it sounds, really)

2. Fold laundry that has been sitting in a basket for a week.

3. Sweep/mop kitchen floor

4. Sweep living room.

5. Unload dishwasher

6.Put sheet back on to the beds in the kid’s room.

This list really isn’t that bad, I may actually get it accomplished today as I won’t be making dinner tonight. (Zaxby’s is on the menu per Margaret’s request for Chicken Nuggets and French Fries for her Baptismday Dinner).

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