Monday Musings – 24 January 2011

Right now…it is 11 am, the sun is up and shining brightly. We are having a lazy morning, the kids are reading books and/or playing with Legos.

This weekend was…somewhat busy and crazy! We had made plans for Joshua’s boss to come for dinner with his family on Saturday night. I woke up that morning, planning on showering, staring a load of diapers then heading out to the produce market for fruits and veggies. I went to make a bottle for Benedict and turned on the water to discover a small trickle. It was cold, 26 degrees, so I thought “frozen pipes” and woke Joshua up. He told me to turn on the hot water faucets, so I did and crawled back in to bed. The water pressure did not get much better though out the morning. I managed to wet my hair down and blow it dry to keep it from looking too funky and headed out. I went to the produce market (a place I love), then on to the grocery store for a few more items. I decided to grab a coffee and stopped at the local Sbux for one. (Say what you will, I don’t go often.) It was there I learned that we had a city wide water outage. Nice. I called Joshua to let him know then headed to the grocery store. I found out there that most other restaurants in Valdosta were closed due to the water outage.

When I got back, Joshua had managed to fill the tub up with water for the kids so they could bathe. Who knew kids got so much bathwater in their mouth? We then started boiling water, per the advisory and straightening up for the dinner guests.

For dinner we made homemade pizza and it was great. Karol was, unfortunately crazy and knocked the kids table over, spilling milk all over the place. Sigh. We visited a long time, then they headed home.

Yesterday we went to Mass at our small country parish then headed home. I fell asleep around 230 and stayed that way until about 530 or so. It was very nice. We folded laundry after dinner, so that chore can finally be checked off. Benedict decided it was a party night and did not go to sleep until 130! I was asleep around 2 and we had visitors quite a bit through the night.
Some plans for this week: Joshua is going out of town for work at the end of the week, so mentally preparing myself for that. I have arranged with Michele, the wife of Joshua’s boss to sit with us during mass, here in town, but I am thinking of just sucking it up and going out to Moultrie by myself. The biggest problem will be the early hour we need to leave the house.

If I have some time to myself, I want to…enjoy a cup of coffee and a book.

Prayer intentions for this week: Special intention for our family, for the respect for life and for

Something that makes me smile: Benedict slept almost ten hours straight three nights in row!

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