I know the sun is a great source of Vitamin D and according to the Mayo Clinic: “The sun also contributes significantly to the daily production of vitamin D, and as little as 10 minutes of exposure is thought to be enough to prevent deficiencies.” That is just 10 minutes a day, in natural sunlight, outside.

However, I have to ask:

What is up with people tanning? Why, why, why are they putting their health at risk? Do they actually think they look good? Wasn’t there a big deal made out of cancer and tanning in the 80s and that is why we all slather on sunscreen and most beauty products have a sun protection factor?

Also, is it a regional thing? In Georgia people are tanned, but they aren’t orange, they have a natural looking glow. However, Ohio had its fair share of orange people.

Stop the madness, step away from the tanning booth people.

The Darker Side of Tanning

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  1. Beth – you wish you were orange.


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