Monday Musings – Last Day of January

Right now…it is 11:45, overcast and 62 degrees out side. Inside it is loud and crazy and the oldest boy is being mean to his siblings and has been sent to his room 4 times this morning.

This weekend was…lonely. Joshua was at the FOCUS Conference in Nashville and I was all alone. Well, I had the kids, so I wasn’t all alone, but I certainly missed my helpmate. Joshua left on Friday and came back late last night. He got to have a Catholic Family Reunion with members of the Fathers of Mercy,  Sister Lois from the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration, some guys from Seminary, and Joanie Watson. In addition to that, he got to stay at the Opryland Hotel.

I, on the other hand, spent time chasing the kids around and learning about new cartoons on Hulu. The kids spent a lot of time outside, a lot of time, which was nice. Normally if Joshua is out of town, dinner via a drive-thru is a given, but not this weekend, I made all of our meals, which was actually pretty nice. I started a new mystery novel this weekend and am about 1/3 of the way through it. I looked up some homeschooling conferences and am trying to decide which ones I want to attend. Tampa? Atlanta? Jacksonville? Decisions! I think for some of them, I will have to wait for the schedule to come out and see who the speakers are.

I also looked up the Spring Training schedule for the Detroit Tigers. Since Lakeland is only 4 hours away, I hope to go. The Wings are playing in the area soon and I would love to go to a game, maybe next year.

We had made plans to go to Mass here in town and sit with the wife of Joshua’s boss, but I needed to go out to Moultrie to pick up ground beef for our parish spaghetti dinner this week. (We are one of the families making the sauce) So we went to Mass by ourselves and the kids were great! I mean, okay, well…. We got to Mass on time, with enough time to participate in the rosary before Mass. We sat in the back pew, in the event that I needed to make a hasty exit. That hasty exit happened after Communion, when C thought it would be fun to lay in the center aisle. We went to the cry room for the rest of Mass then headed home.

After Mass the kids played outside until lunch was ready, then Michele (Sam’s wife) dropped of her son so I could watch him while she went to their daughter’s ballet recital. He sat on my lap for a long time, then sat on the couch next to me, holding my hand, until he discovered the trains.

After they left, I was planning on ordering Chinese, had the order ready then saw that they place was closed on Sunday. The other delivery place in town doesn’t have an menu on line, so we scratched that idea and had hot dogs, carrots and potato chips.

I let the kids stay up late, so they were up when Joshua came home and I think he really liked that. I really liked that. I love how much these kids love their Papa! He is such a good Papa (and husband).
Some plans for this week: School, Parish Fundraiser and that is about it.

If I have some time to myself, I want to…read more of the novel and avoid the laptop. (This is getting easier and easier, oddly enough)

Prayer intentions for this week: For patience, acceptance of God’s Will and for Mothers.

Something that makes me smile: Joshua stopping at the Lodge Cast Iron Outlet to pick up a 2 qt serving pot for me to bake bread it!

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