The Homeschool Mother’s Journal – II

In my life this week…Was nuts! We were here, there and everywhere. No, really, we had lots of things to do and seemed to be in the van quite a bit. Good things though!
In our homeschool this week…was more of a student lead program this week. This is what I love about homeschooling. When things get crazy and we aren’t able to sit down and do school work, we are still able to teach and my kids are still able to learn. Karol spent a lot of time out side this week, with Margaret at his side. He also has been reading on his own. I will often times find him sitting with a book sounding out words to himself.
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…this week we will hopefully be calmer. I think I am going to schedule a field trip to the fire department. We may also do story time at the library if there is one available.
My favorite thing this week was… watching the two older kids putting their artistic skills to work by drawing all over the driveway.
What’s working/not working for us…working for us is afternoon/evening schooling. Wow, what a difference it makes when we work on things when Caecilia is down for a nap. She is a great kid but wants to be in the middle of everything, including schooling. We do a lot of make believe games in the morning, before lunch to engage her.
Homeschool questions/thoughts I have…none…just that I am so glad we homeschool and are able to do things when we are on the go!
A photo to share…I don’t have one this week, but I promise one for next week….er, next week.
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