Firetrucks are cool!

Today, the kids were playing in the backyard and I was putzing around the house, when I heard a truck outside. I peeked out the window, wondering if I was the delivery I am expecting, and saw a firetruck. The firemen got out and started walking toward the house, so I peaked out the back window at the kids, still there, still drawing with chalk so back to the firemen. They stopped at the hydrant on the corner and opened it. At that point I called the kids in to watch and they were thrilled.

The best part though was when the firemen went back to the truck, saw the two kids standing in the window, and waved. The kids waved back, then the firemen put on the lights (no sound, just lights) and the kids thought it was great!

Thanks, City of Valdosta Fire Department, you guys are awesome!

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  1. This brings back memories. We used to live on a busy street in an upstairs apartment when Mandy was a baby. She used to call the sirens “Wows”. She would run to the window and watch everytime she heard one coming. Glad I was there to see it all!

    • When we had that little place on Grand Ave in Marion, Karol loved to watch the trucks go by. He would ask to pray for people who might be hurt. He still does that today and when he does, I picture my little two year old, running around like a crazy guy, stopping to ask to pray for “people who might be hurt”.

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