Monday Musings – 21 February 2011

Right now…1053am, 67 degrees and sunny. I am blogging from the back yard, where the kids are playing. Benedict is on a blanket, playing toys and Caecilia is dangerously close to the fire ants, the ones that bit her last week, yesterday and most likely, today. (I put the period on that sentence, moved down the next subject and Caecilia started screaming. Now she is standing over near the ant hill and yelling, “No” at them)
This weekend…was busy. We ran errands on Saturday, again. I like doing that together, even if it is crazy with the kids. We started with finding jeans for Karol. Even though spring has certainly arrived here in South Georgia, I thought it would be a good idea for Karol to have some jeans to wear that aren’t floods. We found some good deals at the store on the clearance rack. We also ended up buying Easter outfits for all of them. We found one of those four-piece sets for Karol, with a vest, shirt, pants and a clip on tie. The girls had matching dresses and those were 55% off, good deals. Shoes were a bust, so Karol is squeezing his toes into his dress shoes still, I will probably go online and find something for him, preferably all leather, so they last a bit.

We went to Home Depot to pick up some herb plants and a container. I hate buying cilantro (but love the taste!) and for years have talked of getting a cilantro plant. Well, last week, after I tossed away all but 1/2 cup of cilantro from a  bunch that I had just bought, I decided that I would buy a plant and did. I also got rosemary too. I love rosemary, I love the way rosemary smells and love love love the way it tastes! After Home Depot, Target was on our list. Joshua found some pants and a pair of shorts there, I bought two new water bottles as one of our other ones cracked. A few more things and we were off to the produce market. I just needed a few things, fresh fruit mainly.

Our next stop was to look for canning jars, for storing home made yogurt in and I got a tip that Big Lots had them, for cheap.  So we headed that way, but first stopped for Confession. We took turns, Joshua went in first while I stayed in the van with the kids, then I did. When I went in, I noticed a young couple with two kids, both under two. Since we do not attend Mass at the parish near our house, I am not familiar with the people I encounter there. I really felt like God was telling me to talk to them and that is something I do not do, ever. So, I decided that I would talk to them, after Confession. I made my confession and came out and they were gone!!! Oh no! I did my penance and left, and there they were, in the parking lot. Yes! I walked over to them and introduced myself and pretty much asked if we could be friends. Ha ha ha. Turns out they are new to Valdosta, stationed at the Air Force Base and have been here a week. So we exchanged information and I hope to get together with them soon. 🙂

After that excitement, we headed for Big Lots and bought the jars, came home, ate leftovers, made yogurt and watched Little House on the Prairie.

Sunday started with Mass, well waking up about 45 minutes before we had to leave, so we were rushing a bit. Mass had no antics of last weekend so that was a relief. After Mass, we headed home, stopping for lunch at Slap Daddy’s because the kids were mostly well behaved at Mass, burgers but no milkshakes as the machine was broken. We rushed home to meet Cassie, as she was borrowing baby diapers from me for her new one.

We met Cassie through my midwife. She as the assistant and we were the first birth she assisted! We visited for a while yesterday and discovered that we had a lot more in common then I realized! We also got to see our midwife when she stopped by to meet up with Cassie. That was a wonderful visit, really wonderful.

Did I mention that it was sunny and 80 all weekend? We had windows open and slept with them open and ceiling fans blowing, it was great.

Some plans for the week ahead: We have a meeting at Church on Thursday to discuss future planning for the parish. I am very excited about this! I also need to buy a gift for a birthday party this coming weekend, I am very excited to find this little boy a gift.

If I find some time for myself, I want to…work on sorting clothes. Caecilia’s dresser is overflowing, but most of the things she cannot wear. Also, trying to find the best way to order grains in bulk and check out some food co-ops. Perhaps butter in bulk would be nice too.

Prayer intentions for this week: In Thanksgiving for the repair on the van not requiring a new radiator. For our friends the Vincents, that they sell their house. For young men and women to turn off the noise and listen to the voice of God in the quiet of their heart.
Something that makes me smile: Karol laying on the merry-go-round at the park, watching the sky spin.

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