Monday Musings – Pre-Lent

Right now…1020 am. The two older kids are bundled up and playing outside, it is a chilly 48 degrees today. Benedict is sleeping and Caecilia is pretending to talk on the phone.
This weekend…we did the weekend errands on Friday night. I drove Joshua to work after lunch, then went to the bank and the gas station. ($3.45 for the record) We picked Joshua up from work then went to the produce market for our weekly buys, then to Big Lots to look at a few things. Big Lots, why don’t I think of you more often? I bought my first sofa from there, many years ago and loved it. It was sturdy and comfy. We only got rid of it because we didn’t have room for it in our place in Illinois. We looked a sofa and their mattress selection to see what they had , then headed to the grocery store, then home.

On Saturday we were up and at-em early as we were having company over around 1230. We had invited the couple that we met after confession a few weeks ago over. We had a great time! I am glad, so glad, that we met them!

Sunday the kid woke up with runny noses. We headed to Mass and had sneezers all the way there. The kids were not very well behaved during Mass. C had an excuse, she wasn’t feeling well. Margaret however, would not turn around and face the altar and when I told her to do so, so said “Nuh, uh”. She also has lost the concept of whisper during Mass and was sassing in a not so quiet voice.  I should have taken her out and disciplined her, as she was that bad. I didn’t mainly because it had been so long since she has had to be taken out that I didn’t even think about it! Karol was mostly okay and Benedict won a gold star for being the BEST BABY EVER! during mass. During the homily, he did not take his eyes off of father. When Joshua was cantoring, he watched Papa with wide eyes.

For the Communion meditation hymn, “O Lord I am Not Worthy” was sung. Sigh. What a beautiful hymn and what a great hymn for mamas and papas who are trying to keep their kids corralled and not able to deeply reflect the gift they had just received.

After Mass, Margaret fell and skinned both knees! She cried and cried and cried because she was going to need to have a band aid. My kids hate band aids and well any sort of first aid for any real ailment. We headed home and just hung around for the day. We all took naps in the afternoon, then made dinner. We folded quite a bit of laundry and our room is presentable again. 🙂

Some plans for the week ahead: Make the covers for the couch cushions, to protect them from little kids. We also have Mass on  Ash Wednesday. I hope to go out to our little parish for Mass and hit the seafood market out there, but I am not sure if Joshua will have the day off. If he doesn’t, we will go to Mass here then. I also plan on making it Stations of the Cross during the whole of Lent with our family. The local parish has them at 730 on Fridays, so that would work perfectly for us!

If I find some time for myself, I want to…I don’t really expect any time. I am hoping to do some more spiritual reading this Lent and getting myself to bed by 9 to do it.

Prayer intentions for this week: For our clergy, that they may fully and faithfully live the duties of their vocations, even when it is hard and/or unpopular.
Something that makes me smile: Yesterday, before Mass, Karol asked to write a letter to Pope Benedict, when we we got back from Mass. Last night he told me what he wanted to say, and I wrote it down. (I convinced him to take out the part telling the Holy Father that; “you have been good and deserve a surprise, so I am writing this letter.) Joshua helped Karol write the it out in his own handwriting.

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