Nylons, Pantyhose, Tights…

…whatever you call them, do you wear them?

I used to, religiously, don  nylons each time I put on a skirt or a dress.  Then I started wearing longer skirts and the rule became “if the skirt is below my knees, I won’t wear nylons”. (I think this drove my mother crazy when learned that I didn’t wear nylons.) I didn’t  even wear nylons on my wedding day.

Later cotton tights became popular and I actually liked wearing those. In time, my skirts got longer and knee socks covered everything that needed covering, so I quit wearing nylons all together. I did try to return to wearing nylons, but I think pregnancy has removed any desired to have something tight against my belly ever again.

Now my skirts and dresses go well below my knees, I wear strappy sandal-y shoes most of the time and totally forgo nylons or tights. I think the not wearing of nylons may be something that many woman my age are in to. Am I right?  Do my northern friends wear them in the winter? I notice that women at church wear them in the winter down here,  (but then again, quite a few women down here wear boots when it is 60 degrees).

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  1. Pantyhose are evil….unless you forgot to shave – they can be helpful in a pinch! But think about it….if we wore a dignified length of skirt (to the floor), we wouldn’t need to ever consider them. I say: BURN THEM!

    • I totally agree. I recently bought a skirt that goes to just above the ankle and love it. No shaving with detail and no pantyhose, sweet.

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