On Veiling

Girl in a Mantilla Seville" - John Frederick Lewis 1833

I veil as a sign of modesty, humility and love for our Lord.

Yes, I wear a mantilla anytime I attend Mass or am fortunate enough to spend time before our Eucharistic Lord in adoration. I have owed one for six years, but have not worn it for a few reasons, mainly because I was afraid that I would cause a problem within the parish or give the impression that I was trying to be, or thought I was,  “holier” than those around me. I assure you, I do not think I am holier than those around me.

When we moved to The Valley of Augustus’ City, I decided to veil again. I could no longer cause problems by veiling, as we were not prominent members of a somewhat liberal parish. I put my veil back on during the move down here and have not looked back.

The first Sunday was easy, we attended mass at the Chapel of Divine Mercy, where many of the women wear veils, so I did not stick out like a sore thumb. The next Sunday was not so easy, as we were new to the parish, I was heavy with child and we had three other children in tow, a recipe for people staring to begin with, add a mantilla and I could feel the stares from those around us.

When we decided to attend Mass at the parish we now are happy to call “our parish”, I was again uncertain about veiling and getting the stares. To my complete surprise, there were three other women wearing veils that day, three! I said a quick prayer of thanksgiving as I bobby pinned my veil in place.

I, surprisingly, have not had one person, at any parish we have attended and I have veiled, ask me why I do it.  Here are some links regarding veiling and why it is no longer practiced in most parishes, but why it is something that can, and maybe should, be practiced .

Head Coverings in Church – EWTN

Will you mantilla with me? – Full of good information about veiling

Modesty Veils – More thoughts about modesty and veiling.

1 Corinthians 11: 1-16 – From  usccb.org

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  1. Beth, thank you for this post. It’s very interesting. I liked the link to the blog that gave tips on how to transition to wearing a mantilla. I’m still trying to get up the nerve to genuflect before receiving the Eucharist – got in big trouble for that already…even inspired our Pastor’s first “teaching” homily on why we are NOT ALLOWED to genuflect before the Eucharist (someone might trip, don’t you know.) I’m so happy that you found a parish that not only allows but encourages you to grow in your Catholic Faith.

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