No pictures…

…however, Benedict stood up today. He was cruising around the floor when he found a plastic tote we put toys in, over turned on the floor. He put both hands on it, slipped his feet under him and stood up!

I was reaching for my phone when he fell over, tears, tears and more tears, but fear not, he is all good. I am sure Joshua will want to have him try it again tonight, so I am sure I will have pictures then.

For the record, he is six months, two weeks and two days old.

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  1. Six months?!! Wow!! Time flies by.

    BTW–After looking at pictures in your previous posts, your kids are such a strong mix of you and Joshua! I see an equal amount of both of you in all of them. 😀

  2. Ah, how quickly they grow up. I’m sure he’ll be doing lots of standing in the next few weeks and you’ll be able to get a cute pic of him!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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