Six Years Later!

Six years ago, today, around noon, I was driving to pick up lunch for the office. I heard on the radio that the smoke coming from the Sistine Chapel was white. My excitement was really, not containable. I skipped in to the deli to pick up the lunch order, when the news channel broke in to show the announcement.

(here is a clip of what I watched)

I stood there, waiting, wondering, hoping and praying.  After the proclamation of “Habamus Papem!”, I tried my best to understand the Latin that followed. I am not sure when I realized it was Jozef Cardinal Ratzinger, but I do know that I jumped up and down, there in the middle of the deli. I remember the man behind the counter said “I can’t believe they picked Ratzinger” (said with much disdain!). I know I responded, but I can’t remember what I said, all these years later.

(here is a clip from an Italian source, I don’t fully understand what they are saying, but they do sound much happier!)

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  1. Viva il Papa!!


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