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On Friday, we celebrated Easter (yes it is still Easter!) by going to the Gulf of Mexico. I could live on the beach, I love the beach!


Such a pretty view, not only of my beautiful children, but also of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico at St. George Island State Park in Florida. This park is 3.5 hours from our house, but worth the drive; the water was perfect, the park was set up nicely and the beach was not too crowded.


Eight months ago we made our first trip to the Ocean. The kids were pretty hesitant about the whole thing.  This time? They ran into the water without concern, playing and splashing for close to four hours.


On previous trips to the Ocean, this one was either snug in my belly or not mobile. Now, he is mobile and exploring everything. He found some seaweed to snack on and really had a good time with it, that and the sand, he really liked to put sand in his mouth.



Thursday morning we had a tornado warning. The storm was hitting the south side of the county, so I was not too worried, but as a precaution, I stuck the kids in our shelter, aka the hallway. (Picture taken with my phone.)

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