Partly Cloudy, With a High of 79

Yes, I realize that a majority of my readers live in a land similar to Narnia under the reign of the White Witch. Yes I know that you live for the days when the sun just shines, regardless of the temperature. Furthermore, I get that you have only seen 70 degrees a handful of times since this year. I understand, I really do, that was me just a year ago!

No, this is not a post to complain about the above average temperatures (read lots of 90 degree days) we have been having here in South Georgia for close to three months now.

This post today is to tell you that I turned off the air conditioner and opened the windows today. I loathe turning on the a/c because I know  what my electric bill will look like in a month, but for the sake of the children and my husband, I do it. So, today it is chilly and the windows are open and things are airing out and I love it! I think we have another day like this on tap for tomorrow too! Yahoooooo!

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  1. What’s Friday look like?

    I’m trying to get in a routine/schedule with the kids, and I think we should plan a weekly get-together that will soon be a weekly co-op get-together. What do you think?

    But, if Friday looks nice, we should hang out and let the kids run around outside.

  2. You’re exactly right…we need a little girl to find a secret wardrobe and give us our summer back!

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