{pretty happy funny real} Camera Phone Edition (take two)



On Sunday, after Mass, we headed over to a peach shed, to get the first peaches of the season. Oh my, are they goooood!  This is just a handful of what we had, I think we bought a half bushel.



Last night I decided to make peach cobbler and it was the best cobbler I have ever had. The best part? My husband, who claims not to like warm peaches, love it! (You can find the recipe here.)



I made hot dog buns the other night but either a.) didn’t let them rise long enough or b.) heated my milk too much and killed the yeast. I vote for the second. They were not good at all. Benedict seemed to like them though and chewed away at his.



This is what my kitchen looked like after dinner. I am trying not to use the dishwasher because it doesn’t seem to clean as well as it used to, not to mention it takes three hours to do a cycle, (is this normal?) and when I use it regularly, I see the difference in both the electric and water bills. Since it is A/C weather here in South Georgia, I do what I can to reduce the electric bill in other places.

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  1. Peaches! Where do you live, woman? Oh, Georgia. That explains it. (haha) There are many lovely fruits God made, but nothing compares to a peach.

    I have a long wait for one of those!

    When we moved here last summer, I expected peaches to be available….ha ha ha, nope it was past peach season, so I have been waiting for this day. I was excited for pecan season in November, too! $6.99 a pound, that was nice. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are enjoying a San Pellegrino tonight, I did.

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