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This past Tuesday, we attended the Baptism of our newest goddaughter, Luca Lynn Hope. Here she is, just before the baptism, looking as pretty as can be in her gown.


Goodbye, Original Sin, be gone with you! She did not cry or flinch, just happily looked at Father.


There are  seven children between the two families and (only three parents doing the corralling as Cassie’s (Luca’s mother) husband is currently deployed ). Getting a nice group shot is not always easy, my kids made it even less so. Note the nose picker, yep, he’s mine. This picture will be held on to for a very long time.


No nose pickers in this one! Seven kids, three parents and no criers. Deo Gratias!


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  1. What a wonderful day.

    Hey, you won my giveaway of the book Unplanned by Abby Johnson. If you send me an email with your address I’ll ship it out this week. My email is Brigonia @ netzero . net Congrats!

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