The Gnat Line

Let me just say: Gnats are gnasty! The humidity and heat are not what keep those who live south of the Gnat Line (anything south of Macon, Ga) in side all summer, it is those darn gnats.

Yesterday they were pretty bad, before and after Mass. Most people do a quick open and close of the car door, so the cool air does not escape. In South Georgia, one does it so the gnats do not swarm inside the car. So, trying to get the kids out of the van for Mass, while replacing shoes, checking a diaper, securing chapel veils, and not trying to let gnats is often a lesson in futility. I often find that we bring a swarm of them with us in to the church and I am spending the first five minutes or so of the Rosary swatting then away from the baby’s head.

After Mass, yesterday, I stopped Father to ask him a question. I tried to make it so quick because in the morning sun, I could see the gnats swarming his head as I am sure they were doing to mine. (Sorry, Father.)

Last night, we went to visit with Joshua’s Aunt and Uncle and their family. They were camping outside of Adel, so we headed out to visit last night. The gnats were awful last night, thankfully fully they went away after the sun went down! We used a natural bug spray that the locals told Joshua’s uncle is what they use. It sort of worked, sort of.

If anyone out there has any suggestions, I would appreciate them! 🙂


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