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This is the view from one of the living room windows. Those trees you see are Pecan Trees, while we don’t have any one our property, they sure are pretty to look at!





I have found that when moving with children, the first thing you need to bring out is toys. Benedict was quite happy in the middle of this pile.



I find this funny, all the toys dumped out and the big kids no where to be found. This is pretty normal at our house. The nice thing about the new house is that they will not be dumped out in the living room for much longer, toys are only for the rec room!




I took a load of boxes out this morning, on my way to meet the bug person. The stuff on the pool table is what we took out last night. Slowly, we are getting it all out there.


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  1. Your new house looks awesome! Cute baby to be so absorbed with toys!

  2. I’m so excited about your new house!! I can’t wait to hear the whole story. F or some reason I thought you guys were already in a house…

    We rented when we came down here and I posted pictures of that house, that may be what you are thinking. I love the new house. I am at the old house right now, packing (and blogging ;)) and am a bit jealous of JF working at the new house!

    Edited to add: Anne, your comment was the 300th comment on my blog, thanks!

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