For a while, I have been wanting to purchase a snood, to help keep my hair in place while doing my household chores and to keep my hair from becoming part of dinner. Ew, gross, I can’t believe I just wrote that, but it does happen, once to a dear friend. He was very gracious and came over many more times for dinner.

I have been hesitant to purchase one though, for fear that I might not like it or t might not work in my slick hair. Then I saw Cam over at A Woman’s Place is having a give away! Check her out. Also check out her shop, A Snood for all Seasons.


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  1. A Snood for all Seasons…that really makes me grin. 🙂

    I am glad you like it. I found her blog a few days ago and I am excited about ordering one, if I don’t win her giveaway that is 😉 I am going to order for the girls too.

  2. Those look very simple to make yourself — if you like to sew, it could cost probably a fifth of what they’re charging.

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