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Iced Coffee, recipe courtesy of The Pioneer Lady. It is great. I made it with decaf, so I won’t have the shakes later today. I do love coffee though, I really really love coffee. I packed my coffee pot parts in different boxes and did not find all of them until Saturday. I still cannot find the grinder, so I picked up pre-ground at the store.


A happy Bencky-Becnk. Can you see his teeth? He has three of them now. One of his favorite things to do these days is cruise around and take a bite out of his parents’ toes. Do you see his little curls? His hair is has curls like Karol and Caecilia had/have.


Here is Karol asking for coffee. Do you see those eyes, begging, pleading, dying for coffee? Of course I told him no, well to his own cup, he was able to take a sip of mine.


The haze in these pictures is not fog, but smoke.


South Georgia is in a drought. Last month, less than an inch of rain fell, just .67 of an inch in an area with a normal rain fall of around 2.32 inches. This month we are at .58 of an inch and  halfway through the month that normally sees around 4.49 inches.

Because of the drought, we are seeing wild fires around here. Last night the winds shifted, so we are getting smoke from some of the fires burning southeast of us. (You can see the map here) I could smell it when I woke up this morning, even with the windows closed.

The top picture in the {real } section is the view from our front yard and those are cucumbers.
The other two pictures are views from our back patio. Those are pecan trees. Click on any picture in the post to enlarge it.

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  1. What a couple of cuties!
    Praying for rain for you!

  2. we lived in south Georgia for a little while and I loved the pecan groves off the red dirt roads. Still have a special fondness for Georgia and pecans 🙂 (but not the fire ants)

    Oh the ants are terrible! My two year old would stand by the ant hill and get bitten all the time, then go back for more. I didn’t experience a bite until we moved to our new house a few weeks ago. Wowsers, my feet still hurt sometimes.

  3. Is it just me, or do your kids get cuter every time I see a picture of them??!!! I love Benedict’s hair!!

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