I have been trying to write a post for a few days, but really, my brain cells are shot from all the organizing I am doing, okay trying to do. So, here are some topics I have wanted to blog about but do not have the brain power to do a whole post on them.

*Today I went to Valdosta to meet Joshua and take Karol to get a passport. That was not nearly as painful as I thought it would be. Turns out the Post Office here in Valdosta gets a lot passport applications, so they have a guy set up to do it. There was actually a line today to. There was a woman in front of us and two groups behind us!

After the PO, we stopped by the shipping store to drop off a bunch of shipments of Pew Cards for And With Your Spirit. Then we took Joshua back to work.

The kids have been crazy the past few days, so I decided to stop by a park with them. Yes, we live on an acre of land, move of which they can run on to their hearts’ content, but there are those pesky gnats. They tend to chase the kids in after about 10 minutes. The kids enjoyed the park and I enjoyed my phone conversation with Andrea. (and the text conversation that followed.) We had not eaten lunch yet and it was getting on 230 at this point, so I started scooting the kids to the van. I heard thunder, so I started scooting them a bit faster. I have seen lightening come out of clear blue sky down here, so I wasn’t taking any chances. We grabbed lunch, dropped some off with Joshua, then headed home.

On the way home, it turned three o’clock, so I told the kids we were going to pray a chaplet. Margaret screamed the entire time that it hurt her to hear it. (Nice) Karol, on the other hand prayed along with me and even asked to lead a decade! After we got home, Karol took to setting the table for lunch and getting food out for everyone. Well, no, wait. If I recall correctly, he gave everyone food and I brought plates to the table after I changed Benedict’s diaper. Karol even helped clean up after lunch, it was like I had a totally different child!

*Today, I was driving past the local university and saw that the lawn was being watered, along with the sidewalk. Is it just me, or is there something wrong about watering the lawn when we are in the midst of a severe drought? I see the dust on the fields around our house. I see the dust get kicked up when the thunderstorms (mostly lightening and thunder, little rain) come though. I would never dream of watering my lawn while the local farmers are working so hard to save their fields. Solidarity, people, solidarity.

*Tomorrow we are going to support our local farmers and head up to Tifton, Georgia to go to the Farmer’s Market. I am really looking forward to it. They have a pretty good website as well as a frequently updated F.Book page. A lot of the vendors have blogs, websites or fb pages, that are nice and kept up to date, too. I am getting hungry just thinking about going and eating lots of fresh stuff! I think we may just make a lunch out of it.

*Speaking of lunch, Karol was a very good boy for me a few weeks ago, so I told him he would be able to go out with me, just me, for lunch. Of course, we ended up finally closing that week, so I have had to put off our outing. He has asked, multiple times, if we could go to the waffle house. He has never been before, nor have I for that matter. I think he just wants to go because of the name.

*On the flip side of the good child coin, we have Caecilia. Where does this child find crayons and stickers. I know I put them up and out of reach, how does she find them. As I type this, there is a pile of stickers stuck to the carpet on the landing. Fun.

*Now there is a storm coming in, so I should wrap this up. We have lost power with the last two out of three storms and I am hoping that is not the case with this one.


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  1. I could go broke eating at The Waffle House.

    Good talking to you. 🙂

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