On Watermelons

I posted about our 43 pound watermelon yesterday and was asked two questions.

1. Did it taste good?!

2. Where do you store 43 pounds of watermelon after it’s cut into?!!


I will answer those in just a moment, but first I wanted to tell you about the watermelon fields down here. We actually live in the middle of produce country. Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and watermelons. Everyday we have a lot of trucks and old school buses driving by our house full of produce. The watermelons come by in old school buses. The back part is cut off and the seat area is full of watermelons. We call them Watermelon Buses in our house and they drive by many times a day, taking the harvest to market.  Sometimes the Watermelon Bus will lose a melon or two and they end up smashed on the side of the road. Those melons look very red and delicious, just sitting there crushed and yummy. And those are the ones smashed on the side of the road.

So, when we were at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday we were excited to see watermelons for sale. We bought the 43 pound one for a mere $8! Joshua took it to the van and while the kids and I looked at a few other stands. We stopped at one to buy summer squash and some corn. The Farmer at the stand was talking to us and must have been charmed by my adorable children (that or thought that we really really needed it because Caecilia was wearing a ratty dress that day ) and gave us a watermelon.

Now, I can answer those questions!

1. I have no idea how the 43 pound watermelon tastes, yet. However the smaller one is wonderful.

2. You invite people over to help you eat it. Hopefully there will not be too much left over.


And yes, Paulette, Karol will be more than willing to help eat it all! On Sunday night, we let him eat as much as he wanted. He learned that there is a such thing at too much watermelon, but he had a lot of fun getting to that point.


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