End of Week Catch Up

I have had a few things I wanted to post about this week, but I have been dealing with a mean case of writer’s block, so here is a quick update, in bullet points.

*First Grade! We started first grade with Karol through Kolbe Academy. He is doing a great job with it too! Not bragging here, but he is beyond awesome with reading, so I really should have gotten the second grade program for reading. That is the beauty of homeschooling though, working with each child’s skills. He got 100% on his first spelling test (a, hat, cat, fat, that, man, has) without breaking a sweat. He does not like to do math and draws it out. He knows what he is doing, he just does not like to sit for the time it takes to do the work.

I have to say that I really like the Kolbe format. They provide the lesson plans with day to day instructions on what to do, but they stress that parents should do what works best for them.  They also provide support via forums and email as well as the phone, so if I ever get stuck, I have a place to turn to.

*Our a/c went out sometime during the night. I woke up to a hot and humid house and it was NOT pleasant. We called a place in town and they had a guy out in about an hour! It was a minor repair and he was done within an hour. Now the house is nice and cool again.

*We met Joshua for Mass today and went to lunch together. I had missed the message from him saying that he wanted to go to lunch after Mass, so that was a nice surprise. I was just planning on going to Zaxby’s and getting something from the drive-thru, but we ended up going to a Hibachi place and enjoyed a nice, quick lunch together. Margaret used chopsticks today and did a pretty good job! As a result of us going to have a late lunch, I am not hungry at all. I think we just might have snacks for dinner tonight and I will make my planned dinner tomorrow night.

*This morning I learned that Caecilia can count to 15. I was practicing counting with Margaret and Caecilia took over! Smart girl. She also sings “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I wove you, Tomorrow.”

*A while back I posted about our lack of rain, so let me give you an update. In the month of June, the average rainfall for our part of Georgia is 4.49 inches. We ended up with 4.18 for the month. That isn’t bad. Our lawn is actually growing now and the fields are nice and green again. The only thing that is not nice is the fact that the humidity is up again. Boo.

*This morning I booked the tickets for Joshua and Karol’s up coming trip to Italy. Karol’s passport should be arriving next week also. They are flying out of Orlando as it is much cheaper than frying from the nearby regional airport or driving up to Atlanta. I am interested to see how things are around here without Karol.

*Did I tell you that the local Piggly Wiggly, carries Sparkman’s butter? Local, hormone free butter at the same price as store brand butter of unknown sources!  Hooray. We are also closer to the dairy too at our new house, so I smell a field trip.

*Benedict is down to one nap a day. This isn’t that big a deal as he does not do much to get in trouble when he awake. But speaking of the little guy, he does need a diaper change, so I should wrap things up. Have a great weekend.




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  1. Hey, nice post for someone who had writer’s block! I really enjoyed reading about the kids’ accomplishments. They’re growing so fast! 🙂

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